Good Enough Never Is – Seek People Who Cheer for Greatness
08 Sep 2016

Good Enough Never Is – Seek People Who Cheer for Greatness

One of my favorite interviews I did

08 Sep 2016

One of my favorite interviews I did when writing the book, 3 Feet from Gold, was with a woman named Debbie Fields. I am sure you have either heard of, or had, Mrs. Fields Cookies at one point in time!

During the interview, Debbie told me this great quote: “Good enough never is.”

This is similar to when we want to stretch the truth, or we just want to cut corners. There is a high chance that doing so will not give us the best value we need, or can have, in our lives.

Better Than “Good Enough”

Debbie told me a great story about herself at the age of 14 when she was sitting around the dinner table refusing to eat her mother’s cooking. Her mother asked if she is going to eat the food in front of her, to which to she replied “no.”

In doing so, Fields’s mother would not let her leave the dinner table until she finished the meal in front of her. After a few hours, she was asked if she was then going to eat the food. Debbie replied “no.”

Midnight rolls around and once again she is asked if she is going to finish her food. Again, Debbie says “no.” After hearing this, Debbie’s mother said she was never going to cook for her ever again.

The next day, Debbie went to the store with all of her babysitting money and bought ingredients to start cooking for her family. She whipped up a batch of cookies, everyone loved them, and at the age of 19 she opened up her first franchise called, “Mrs. Fields Cookies.” Her mother’s cooking was just good enough and that was not acceptable for Fields so she took action and did better.

The Two Sides in Our Lives

In the interview, when I mentioned to Debbie that her mother was basically a role model to her and was an inspiration for her, she kind of agreed. Initially her mother had told her not to open up the business because she would look like an idiot, she was a woman, and she was going to fail.

At that moment she learned a concept that applies to each of us. On one side of our lives we have a cheering section that consists of the people that are going to root us on and tell us every single reason why we will succeed.

On the other side there is a jeering section which boos us, rains on our parade and tells us to just be good enough by not taking risk for our dreams. It is up to us as individuals to stand in between these two sides and decide which group to listen to. Are you choosing the cheers or the jeers?

Ultimately the choice is up to us.

Isn’t that the truth?

Choose a Side

I am proud to have created and put together an elite cheering section that consists of the top entrepreneurs, businesspeople, and success-driven individuals in the world. Each of these people are going to be meeting up in Los Angeles on May 22nd and May 23rd at a premier, invite-only event: The Secret Knock 2.0. Prove that you are more than good enough and apply for an invite HERE.

Keep on smiling – Greg Reid 


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