Higher Standards Make Champions
08 Sep 2016

Higher Standards Make Champions

No matter where I have gone in

08 Sep 2016

No matter where I have gone in this world, there is one thing I have found that people have in common: Everyone has a story to tell.

One of my favorite stories all time came from an unlikely source: Evander Holyfield. Remember the heavyweight champion boxer?

I asked him what made him so special and how he won more heavyweight championships than anyone else in history. He told me it was easy because he had ahigher standard.

He said, “If you have a car and you will not tolerate it running bad or being dirty, you have a higher standard. The chances are that you also have a better car than your next-door neighbor.” In sports he said he showed up early, left late, he even invented his own exercises, and he had the highest standard that led him to winning more championships than anyone else.

He asked, “Where would you be outside the ring, whether you are a pet groomer, stock broker, or an insurance sales executive, if you had a higher standard compared to your competition?”

I saw his point and asked him, “But to be honest, didn’t it hurt being in a fight?”

He said it hurt badly, but when you are in the fight you do not focus on the pain or the punches you take. Once you do focus on the pain, where do you think you end up? On your back, knocked out. That is what people do outside of the ring.

People focus on the gas prices, the war, and the economy, and they wonder why they never became a champion in their own quest.

He pulled me in close and said,

“Do you know what the funny thing is? When you do win the championship, everyone comes to your feet and they chant your name. They raise your hand in victory and the guy puts a big shiny belt around your waist. At that moment, you do not feel even oneof the punches you took along the journey. The guy in the losing locker room however, is going to feel every bruise as he wishes he had a higher standard.”

Are you ready to up your game? Are you ready to bring me to your next event to speak and ignite your team members’ passions? I will help you and your company raise your standards, become champions, and focus on succeeding down your path.

Become a champion. Raise your standards.

Greg Reid – Author, Keynote Speaker, Dad 

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