What is the One Thing You Need that Determines Your Success?
08 Sep 2016

What is the One Thing You Need that Determines Your Success?

Would you like to know the single

08 Sep 2016

Would you like to know the single most important step toward all personal achievement success?

Of course you would, and it comes down to one word. Those who actually apply and live according to this message are the people that separate themselves from the 95% who just dream of success, to join the top 5% that actually achieve it. I am talking about success financially, prosperity, relationships, health and wellness, and more. What is that word?


That’s right, confidence! If you do not believe that you deserve to be successful, the chances are you will not be. That is why if you Google lottery winners who lose their money, you will see that the majority end up right back to where they were after a short period of time. Why was that?

They did not believe that they deserved to have that success that was thrown on them. Also, you often see these sports icons who get the multimillion dollar contracts and a few years later they are right back where they begin. Why?

Again, they did not believe that they actually deserved to have that.

“Confidence is the single factor of all achievement.” – Greg Reid

Those that actually believe in themselves will ultimately achieve success. The easiest way to improve your confidence is to start faking it until you make it. You have heard that cliché 1000 times, but it is true! Consistently making sure your confidence level is healthy is a big part in creating success.

Most of us have seen the video on the internet of the little girl standing in the mirror telling herself she is great and special. Give yourself daily motivational pep talks like that! If you keep doing that and saying that to yourself over and over, eventually you become just that! It is a simple process.

Yes, there will always be small forces that try to bring your confidence down to their level occasionally. The fact is though, that by reading this it means that you are ready and destined to have something great coming to you soon.

The question now becomes: Are you ready to accept it?

Give yourself the confidence to say to yourself that this is your time. Bring me to come speak and ignite your next corporate event and show that you are drawing the line right here. Show you are ready to get yours from the world.

Whatever happens, just keep smiling….Greg Reid

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