21 Apr 2017

the ultimate

21 Apr 2017
Perhaps one of the more unique and enriching benefits of being a Wealth Hack member will be the exclusive, illuminating and compelling updates from my upcoming year-long journey to discover the “Ultimate Wealth Hack.”
In 2017, 11 other people and I will be embarking on an extraordinary one-year journey around the world, from Canada to Dubai (with several stops along the way), so that we can get knee-to-knee with some of the world’s most successful people and find out their secrets.
We’re only meeting with multimillionaires ($100 million +) and billionaires because we want to hear from people who took their dreams and absolutely went all the way.
Let’s face it, you’d never take golf lessons from someone who just started playing. When it comes to golf or money, there’s just not much practical information you can gain from someone who’s at the same level you are.
My fellow travelers and I will be asking the right questions, recording everything we learn and reporting it back to you, our Wealth Hack members. This will be an unprecedented, invaluable learning opportunity for everyone involved.
And, to clarify, when I say we’re going to “discover the Ulitmate Wealth Hack,” I’m not talking about a single “Eureka!” moment. We’ll be making a discovery alright, but it will be a culmination of all the varied, unique perspectives we collect from some of the most brilliant, knowledgeable and venerated business minds alive today.
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