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The loneliness of the entrepreneurial journey is well-known to all who are on the path, which is likely why entrepreneurs enjoy gathering to share experiences and take inspiration from each other. At the heart of the most memorable and energizing conferences is a dynamic keynote speaker who offers both an example to aspire to and a message that is entirely relatable.

Tough times do not last.

Push Through Valleys

One of the interviews that I have done was with a man named Ron Glosser. He ran a little company you might’ve heard of called Hershey Chocolate. I asked him what the difference was between the people who come out on top and those who do not. He said something very profound:

“Successful people never make their major life-changing decisions when they are in their valleys.”

I asked him what this meant and Ron said,

“If you think about it, everything is cyclical. You have ups and you have downs. When you have your down periods, like when you are sick, getting a divorce, getting laid off, going bankrupt, or the economy is tanking, how could you make a life-changing decision framed from your lowest point in life?”

Ron mentioned that because everything is cyclical, it is alright to have a low point every once in awhile. What you can do at a low point is push through and ride out the storm until you begin to rise again. When you feel that upswing, or that shift where things start going in your direction again, make a decision then and you will save over 10 years of your life of having to go back and correct the wrong choices you made at your lowest point. This is because those wrong decisions were all based on negative emotions.

What You Can Do

One of the ways to make sure you are consistently making the right decisions is to focus on the positive mindset of what you can do rather than focusing on what you can’t do. You may look at a situation and go through all the possibilities of why you can’t do something or complete a task. This may be what you can’t do, but what can you do?

When you surround yourself with positive emotions and you are focused on what youcan do, you can then figure out every necessary path you need to take in order to achieve the goals you want. When you believe in your own ability to do things, you can do more things.

Your Environment Matters

Thinking positive, focusing on the opportunities you can take advantage of, and your decision-making skills are greatly affected by your environment. It is crucial you surround yourself with people who emanate positivity and challenge you to grow and take on new challenges. The decisions and actions you take will be greatly influenced by those you surround yourself with.

One example of surrounding yourself with the right people is attending the event coming up called the Secret Knock. This experience hosts the smartest, action-taking entrepreneurs and leaders from around the world. I created this invite-only event sogreat people could surround themselves with even greater people. The number of seats open is quickly declining and I want to make sure you can apply for your invitation. Go HERE to make sure you have the opportunity to make a decision that can boost your positive emotions, grow your network, and take you towards your goals.

Rather than thinking about what you cannot do, switch your perspective to ask yourself what you can do.

Can you reach your goals?

Can you achieve your dream?

Greg Reid 

Steve Wozniak

Change Lives by not Giving Up

How Re/Max came to be

You might not know his name directly, but Dave Liniger, Co-Founder of the giant real estate corporation Re/Max, shared a great story with me about not giving in when things got rough.

One day I sat him down and asked him to tell me his story because back in the day he wanted to get into the real estate industry and I was curious if it was easy.

In the 1970’s during the other economic collapse, he went headfirst into something that most people were running from.

He said during the first two years, every phone call that came in was from a bill collector because all of the company’s funding ran out. He said that he was so embarrassed when the phone would ring, that he would run across the hall and pick it up so his secretary was not put on the spot.

By the third year it got even worse when they threw him in jail because they called Liniger a liar, a cheat, and a fraud.

I asked Dave Liniger what he did and he said he took his attitude from trying to prove the entire world wrong to something more admirable and to prove himselfright.

He knew and believed that he was not what others were making him out to be. He had the courage to pick up the phone and call the bill collectors back to tell them he was going to be honest that he did not have the $50,000 to pay them back, and he was sorry. He told them he had $50 in his pocket and he would send it to them that day along with a promise that he wouldn’t quit.

Liniger said, “Don’t give up on me, I won’t give up on my dream.”

He told me he called every bill collector every month until the fourth year when someone finally believed in him and bought their first franchise. That is the story of how Re/Max was made.

The thing that stuck out most to me was that he said, “I am a regular guy and I am unimportant, but how many people’s lives were changed because I would not quit? More importantly, how do we know that someone else who has the next American dream is not about to throw in the towel right now because a bill collector is on their other line?”

“Don’t give up on me, I won’t give up on my dream.”

It may take a day, months, or even years more until you find your next breakthrough success, but do not give up when it gets tough. Success is just around the corner if you keep pushing, but also recognize when those around you go through tough times so you can be the one to help them through.

This is a reason why the biggest companies bring me out to speak at their events. When their team members recognize their breakthrough successes are not far away and they just need an extra push to get through tough times, the companies are able to realign onto their path to success. Bring me to your team and have me speak at your next event to see the power I can bring to your people.

Click HERE to learn more and book me because I am excited to see you, your team members, and company grow.

– Greg Reid, Author Keynote Speaker, Dad

Find Your Success Through Association!

The first mentor I ever had in personal development was a guy named Charlie “Tremendous” Jones – a legend!

He has a great quote where he says, "You are the same today as you will be in five years except for two things: The people you meet and the books you read."

By this he means that your growth and success depend on who you hang out with and what you put in your head because these both help determine your character as a person. How true is that?

Who, and what, do you associate with?

I would like to take that even one step further and have you understand this: We are a direct reflection of the five people we hang around the most right now. Our attitude, income, and lifestyle are the exact average of that group. Take a look around and see who you associate with the most and think about how each person affects your life.

Back in high school if you hung around the smoking section, who were you? A smoker. If you were around the jocks you were most likely a jock as well. The same thing applies to your life today.

“The secret of all success is to simply start associating and hanging out with the people that are getting the results you want.” – Greg Reid

This same concept also applies to something I did a few years ago. I decided and followed through with climbing Mount Kilimanjaro, the Roof of Africa!

People would ask how in the world I could go from sea level in La Jolla, California to all the way up there. I told them it was simple because I applied the wisdom I am sharing to you right now in this article.

I got on the Internet and looked up the most successful Sherpa – the people that had climbed and summited three or four hundred times. They are the people I hired to help me and guess what happened!

Everywhere they put their boot, I put my boot print in the exact same spot. I knew that they were going to make it to the top, but if I veered off and tried my own road, they probably would be carrying me down in a body bag.

I was smart enough to learn from my mentors because we truly are a reflection of those we hang out and associate with. Bring me out to your next corporate event to speak by going HERE and I will make sure you and your teams learn and associate with the best in the world!

Surround yourself with leaders and you will be one too.

Greg Reid – Author, Keynote Speaker, Dad